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Do you hear what I hear? Pop Duo Jason & deMarco move from West Hollywood to Gratidude Ranch in Franklin with a vision for GLBTQ youth and seniors.

Jason & deMarco announce the opening of their ranch and launch of their non-profit in Franklin, TN. Safe, Affirming, Family Environment (S.A.F.E.) began by the duo opening a drop-in center for homeless LGBTQ youth, serving over 400 clients in less than eight months. “When reviewing the data, it was clear the majority of these youth were homeless due to aging out of the foster system”, says Jason. “In relocating to Nashville, rather than opening another drop-in center, we feel we can better serve our youth and the community by helping to prevent them from being homeless to begin with.”

Jason & deMarco, along with their three-year old twin sons, Mason and Noah, moved in their new home on a ranch they have named Gratidude Ranch in March of this year. Their sons were born through surrogacy which is documented in Jason’s recently released book, “The Journey of Same-Sex Surrogacy” available on Amazon.com.

“Our hope is that the ranch will be a place where foster youth and foster families can come to experience community, nature, working and playing with animals and one another”, says deMarco. They’re also presenting this opportunity to the public with www.mypetdonkey.com where families can choose to foster an animal on the ranch for a monthly donation. For every family that fosters an animal, a state licensed foster family is provided a free membership. The duo currently have seven miniature donkeys, two ponies, 5 chickens and despite deMarco’s wishes, Jason says goats are on their way. “It’s not about the money – it’s about providing a place for kids, youth and adults to come and connect with one another while being in nature and escaping the craziness of life if even for a day”, says deMarco. “We just want the ranch and the animals to be used to help people who may need a little extra love.”

“How two gay guys from Los Angeles ended up on a ranch in Franklin, TN still amazes me”, says Jason with a smile.



Christmas CD and Tour Announced!

After a decade of people requesting it, we're happy to wish you an early Merry Christmas with the announcement of our release of a new Christmas CD this November, "Christmas Reflections". We will be doing a short Christmas tour this December and a tour in the New Year called the 'Reflections Tour 2015', featuring songs from the new CD as well as songs we've sung over the past decade from all of our albums.  Click here for tour dates.

NOW AVAILABLE! "The Journey of Same-Sex Surrogacy" by Jason Warner

Jason is excited to announce the release of his new book, "The Journey of Same-Sex Surrogacy".

Surrogacy is a gift that allows couples and individuals, who may not be able to have children traditionally, an opportunity to become parents. The Journey of Same-Sex Surrogacy gives others hope that they, too, can have a family. It’s a book about possibilities and dreams that details the trials along the way.

Jason Warner and his partner, deMarco, eagerly want to start the next chapter of their life together. They discover they could each possibly have a biological child that would also be a fraternal twin to the other through a surrogate mother using in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Although it’s a new field with few resources, Warner walks readers through this journey of discovery, sharing life-changing decisions, answering many questions and providing several resources while also including stories of others. He also offers valuable information on legal and medical issues that couples face when pursuing surrogacy.  PURCHASE NOW!



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